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Korean Pop Music: The Power of Your Ear

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Music plays a profound part in our lives. It has the power to soothe emotions, mind and express our inner feelings. It expresses our happiness and tells us how to feel as the soundtrack plays.


Korean Music has the unique characteristic of lyrical sensibility and use music to express their emotions. Korean music has been greatly influenced by the strong presence of Korean pop music(K-Pop). There is a growing trend of fusion art troupes where traditional Korean music is combined with contemporary music. Such fusion music highlights Korea’s important cultural code to the world.

Five reasons why you should start listening to Korean Pop Music:

  • Every song has got an impressive choreographed dance routine. It’s fun to admire the move.
  • The songs are all about being confident in yourself and not having to rely on anyone else.
  • They like to make parodies of famous Korean dramas.
  • The artists can sing and dance at the same time. The songs are entertaining.
  • K-Pop has been on the rise for a while.

Korean pop music includes choreography, a music video and an overarching concept that brings it all together. It connects with the audience on a large scale.


Here are the eight greatest K-Pop songs of all time:

  • Shinee-Lucifer
  • Wonder GIrls: Be My Baby
  • BoA-Eat You Up
  • Seo Taiji & Boys –Nan Arayo (I Know)
  • HyunA–Bubble Pop
  • Norazo –Curry
  • GD&TOP–High High

K-Pop music expresses an optimistic spirit that transforms sorrow and despair into excitement and delight. It continues to evolve today through its blending with Western music. Korean Pop music is an expression of the everyday life of a certain period in time. The Western audiences are no stranger to Korean Pop music. K-Pop fans can get their wish come true and buy Korean albums from kpopplus, CATCHOP-CD, eBay, Amazon, Yesasia, kpopmart, YesAsia, AladdinUS, kpoptown, DVDHeaven and kpopheaven. These stores and online sites receive new albums a few days after their release. You can see which one is the better fit for you.

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